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Village of Avoca Water System


TYPE 1: Single Family Residence – Single Meter:

Debt Service Charge Per Benefit Unit:
(Billed Quarterly at $40 Per Quarter)
$160.00 Annually
Water Consumption Charge (quarterly):
At Time of the Quarterly Reading, Any,Consumption Between 1,000 and 3,000 gallons,(FLAT CHARGE)
Water Consumed, Over 3,000 Gallons:$6.00/1,000 gallons

TYPE 2: When a single meter serves multiple occupancy units (each a benefit unit), the billing will be as follows:

Debt Service Per Benefit Unit:
(Billed Quarterly at $40 Per Quarter)
Water Consumption Charge (quarterly):
At Time of the Quarterly Reading, Any,Consumption Between 1,000 and 3,000 gallons,(FLAT CHARGE)
Water Consumed Over 3,000 Gallons:$6.00/1,000 gallons
Emergency After Regular Business Hours Service Fee$75.00

If it can be reasonably determined that the replacement of any Village owned equipment is due to negligence on the part of the property owner, the following costs of parts will be added to the property owner's quarterly billing.

   Cost Date
Meters (5/8 X ¾ ECR/WP)(EJP)$118.002/12
Meter Frost Plate(EJP)$16.002/12
Pressure Reducer(Blair)$66.002/12
Meter Pits with Cover(Blair)$395.002/12
Pads – ECR

NOTE: The Village has Type 1 and Type 2; except for the title of each  (note the Type 2 defines “benefit unit”), they are identical.

Water Department Policy

The Village of Avoca water policy shall include, but not be limited to, the following definitions, rules, and regulations. The Village Board reserves the right, with proper motion and approval, to make such additions, deletions, and changes as may be necessary to maintain proper and efficient operation of this department. This policy applies to all metered customers being served by the Village of Avoca in New York.


Consumer:Any owner or occupant of any property, including a,private dwelling where a business is operated, who,causes water to be used in any amount for any period,of time.
Billing Year:Four times each year according to the Village fiscal year,beginning June 1st each year.
Due Date:Where the term due date is used in this Policy the,following shall apply: Should the due date fall on a,Saturday, Sunday, holiday, or a non-scheduled working,day for the Village Clerk, the due date shall be the,first scheduled business day for the Village Clerk after,the due date.
Private Dwelling:

For billing purposes a private dwelling shall include,,but
not be limited to, all of the following:
A) A structure housing one family.
B) A trailer housing one family.
C) Each apartment within a single structure
D) Each boarding house.
E) Each nursing home. Any use not a public or business use.

Public Use:Public use shall include,but not be limited to, schools, libraries, churches.

General Responsibility and Ownership of All Service Lines and Attachments

The Village of Avoca retains ownership and responsibility for the following equipment:

  • Water Main
  • Water Line connecting water main to curb stop
  • Curb Stop
  • Water Meter
  • Water Meter Frost Plate
  • Pressure Reducer 
  • Meter Pits and Their Contents
  • Remote Touch Pads

The property owner retains ownership and responsibility for the following equipment:

  • Water line, from curb stop into the home, including any portion inside the home.
  • Water line, from curb stop to meter pit and from meter pit into the home, and including any portion inside the home.

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Contact us at 607-566-8511 if you have any questions about our water policies.

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